Thursday, 12 June 2014

Uni summer ball 2014

So me and my friends went to our first uni Summer Ball (more like music/funfair event) on Monday. We regretfully haven't been to many student events at all as most of us don't live on campus, though that's no excuse (a personal aim for next year!), so I knew that it may be a bit of a 'in the deep end' moment as it is the biggest student event in Wales. Tickets were £40 each so we were hoping for something pretty grand and many acts such as Scouting for Girls were headlining.

We arrived a while after it started and after going on a few rides ( i love rollercoasters/rides, the bigger the better!!) we realised that we had paid to stand in a field and chat/drink. Ok, this actually sounds quite fun, but call me an idiot I can do this almost everywhere and anywhere if I chose to. You can already guess that we didn't stay for long. We did give it a chance and it just didn't seem like our scene, so we didn't see much point in staying for much longer in a situation that we weren't really enjoying. However, I think if we had come later - perhaps 8.30 or 9pm, then it could have been excellent (I've heard and seen many many positive comments from other attendees), but we just didn't fancy waiting hours just for the sun to go down (the dark outdoors is somehow more fun don't you think?) and for them to start playing some good music.

Oh My Love playsuit, £40 incl. student discount.
Wore with denim jacket & purple Doc Martens. 
I must also add that my day didn't start very well either - I discovered actor Rick Mayall, from a great comedy show that I like had passed away that morning, plus my friend had a dress catastrophe after an hour's wear (although thankfully unnoticeable with a jacket on!)

Here's what we did instead: Ditched the 'ball' and went into town and decided to have an Italian at Frankie and Benny's. I had Penne Arrabbiata which was stunning because I loveeeeee olives (despite not realising how much chilli the meal would would involve!), plus delicious Mango sorbet for dessert. I also had a tea (because I'm hardcore) and the waiter joked to me 'you're on the hard stuff tonight then?' when he brought it over :P - It's strange because with some friends I'm more confident/chatty WITHOUT a 'proper' drink that I could possibly be with other people even WITH drink (does that make sense? Probably not)

Basically we spent ages in there and had such a laugh. Cheesy to say this, but it really does come down to the people you're with and not the event itself.

I don't think the ball was BAD - like I said I've heard great comments about it and I'm sure most people genuinely enjoyed. It's all about preference at the end of the day. I think it would have been really fun if somehow we had persevered until the later events occurred/gone later or if it started later and cut out the rubbish early events/we were in a bigger group/didn't still feel like nervous freshers - haha!

Ultimately though, it was a great day and end to our first year at uni. All that's left to do is to collect our results - fingers crossed!

What was your end-of-term uni/school event like?

Danielle x

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