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Hay Festival 2014

Book art at the festival
I was so excited to go to this years Hay Literature & Arts Festival in Hay on Wye in Wales this year, even if it was just for 1 (Friday, Day 7) out of the 10 days in which it runs for. Book + food + music = my perfect day out so you could say I was in my element. Indeed, this festival has been visited by many familiar faces in the past including Rowan Williams, Carol Ann Duffy, Boris Johnson, Bono, Bill Clinton, and there were many additions to the list this year such as Benedict Cumberbatch(!!), Dame Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Jacqueline Wilson, Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith, and more.

This was my first year attending the festival and, although most of the events were sold out because I hadn't booked in advance, I still had a really fantastic day!

Interior of one of the book shops 

Personal highlights/+:

  • Discovering the bookshops around Hay on Wye, famous as the 'Town of Books'. In short walking distance I went in about ten, and they were all so original and quirky, especially in their decor. I also thought it was funny that many of them had a 'No Kindles allowed' policy (I daren't mention I had one in my bag that I used for the journey up!)
  • Book signings! There are about 10 book signings throughout each day, open to everyone. 
  • Being in the audience of the One Show filmed live from the festival. Funny being near something I watch regularly.
  • The shuttle bus was only £1 for an all-day ticket. A great perk to the day as I pay at least £4 in my city.


  • Parking! Took us a while to find a parking space but in the end we had a bit of luck and landed a space in a field directly opposite the entrance!
  • Food prices - although I'm sure there were other, more reasonable venues to eat at, we were forced into a place where two salads and two pots of teas cost over £25 which we thought was just crazy.

I will DEFINITELY be coming back next year and do the whole 'festival experience' properly, perhaps camping and all. It's really not something to miss out on as a book enthusiast and recommend everyone goes at least once! 


        Poetry book shop in Hay on Wye                                                             Hundreds of Penguin Classics

Filming of the BBC One Show

Books everywhere!

Danielle x

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