Friday, 13 June 2014

The Fault in Our Stars - UK advance screening


The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green has been nothing less than a sensation amongst its teenage/YA audience since its publication in 2012. Indeed, whilst many books exist for several years until a film adaptation is even discussed, this film has already been released in the US and is on the road to becoming a huge success here in the UK too. Thanks to my friend who booked tickets for an early screening of the movie, I got to see it last night, a week before general release. I usually don't particularly go for the romance genre because their films often scream CLICHE, or are generally too soppy for my taste, but I have to admit that this is definitely something different - whether it's the innovative sub-plots, the fantastic (and rather British, did you notice?) soundtrack, or the fact that it was as equally funny as it was sad (I should say 'sad' with inverted commas because it's not a sadness that leaves you feeling deflated), I really enjoyed it!

Yeah, I am very wary of the 'the book is always better than the film' pattern, but in this instance I can genuinely admit that the movie DOES, in my opinion, do the book justice. I even welled up in numerous moments throughout the movie, which says something about its quality because I am usually a robot when it comes to movies (not even the Ultimate tear-jerker Marley & Me did it for me I'm afraid - though maybe this was because I didn't have a dog at the time).

Have you seen TFIOS yet, if so, what did you think?

If not, no worries - it will be released in UK cinemas on June 19th. I would definitely recommend it.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

Danielle x

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