Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Leeds, Thor and Bookish Blues

Morning! I hope everyone has had a great start to the week. I thought the post-Easter period was a fitting opportunity to resurrect this blog after an unnecessarily long 'hiatus' (can I even call it that after ONE blog post?!).

Anyway, I spent Easter in Leeds with my grandmother which was nice, not to mention hilarious (my grandma in Nandos: "is the WINE bottomless too?"). Yes, despite the fact that it was the hotel in which the coffin of the infamous Jimmy Saville was displayed in in 2011 (boo), the Queen's Hotel was great - it had everything we needed and more, and its Art Deco style, something I hadn't seen much of before (I'm a Premiere Inn/Travel Lodge enthusiast myself), was a welcomed bonus.

Its only flaw was, unquestioningly, the price of a cuppa in the hotel's bar/coffee shop: an order of 1 nothing-special-about-it tea and 1 latte cost almost a tenner (is that ridiculous or am I just stingy?!). Indeed, that aspect to the hotel wasn't my 'cup of tea' (the idiom, i mean - I didn't literally deny that I drank the tea. Bit awkward.)

Though I went there mainly to visit family, I still had pockets of time to waste, which were inevitably spent discovering how Leeds ranked shopping-wise. Here are a few of my buys:

Marvel Thor Basketball Tshirt - Urban Outfitters / Flower Necklace-watch (Vintage) - Pop Boutique / Celestial Bracelet -  Contemporary Enamels Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - I bought this on my kindle on a whim, having recently read  Eleanor and Park (a much welcomed light read after months of obeying my hefty uni reading list). I saw it for £2.39 on the Kindle Store and before I knew it I had clicked 'Buy Now' - oops!

Safe to say I was pretty satisfied! However, as a bookish* person I couldn't help but notice that in all the shops/arcades I passed I DID NOT SEE ONE BOOK SHOP except a comic book store (which I don't read, despite my Thor adoration - I think maybe a certain Chris Hemsworth is the reason behind this though. Just maybe). In fact, just now I googled 'book shops leeds' and an article entitled Where are all the bookshops in Leeds? was the second result. How peculiar.

On that note, I'd better stop here. I have an essay deadline which I have been pretending doesn't exist for weeks, that I really MUST crack on with. Goodbye! 

Danielle x
* this being a romanticised/politically correct term for someone who uncontrollably and at times psychotically hoards books despite already owning like 29 to-be-read-soon ones. For more embarrassing bookishness, friend me on GoodReads @ heydani :)
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