Sunday 7 September 2014

Photo Diary: The Cotswolds

Last month I had a short break with my grandma visiting the villages in the Cotswolds district. Yes, it WAS indeed a coach trip and I WAS the only guest under 55, but so what?!

An amazing lunch we had in a tea shop. Had to take a picture, it was gorgeous. 


Shakespeare's birth place in Stratford. 

I thought their library was pretty - especially in comparison to the one in my town. 

The Jester statue (still Stratford)

Thanks for looking,

Have you been on any trips or holidays recently? :)

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All photos in this post belong to Danielle at cupofloveliness. Thanks.

Saturday 30 August 2014

London trip: Sherlock Holmes & Carnaby Street

Good Morning! Just thought I'd update you with a few things I've been up to these past few weeks.
As my dad works in London, I visited him for a week to 'help out'. Basically, I did pretty much no work and he took a few days off work for us to be proper tourists and visit some of the places in London that I have always wanted to go.

My first impulse being of course the Sherlock Holmes museum in 221B Baker Street! After queuing for almost 2 hours, we explored the several storey house that is basically a replica of a real Victorian place with features to please all Conan Doyle fans. The gift shop is also fantastic - I couldn't resist buying a few bits of merchandise :)

One of  many great tea/cake experiences.

This was my first ever visit to Carnaby Street and I thought it was great. Spent a while in Brandy Melville's lovely boutique, mostly just admiring the wonderful decor (and bought a few things for my holiday to Greece in September too!)

As a self-confessed tea lover, Camellia's Tea House, also in Carnaby, seemed right up my street. While I mostly prefer the normal 'English Breakfast' tea, the variety of teas was immense. If I was feeling risky, some of the options included Brain Tea, Sleep Well Tea, Happiness Tea and even the Bobby Marley blend. However, I fancied a cold drink for once so I opted for their Very Berry Iced Tea, and tried my best to resist their chocolate brownies on display (and failed, clearly). The ice tea was OK, but the brownie was absolutely gorgeous. I'll leave you on that note.

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