Sunday, 3 August 2014

House/garden inspiration: My grandma's house

Seeing as my grandma and I are both pretty much deranged with idleness (her with sortof-semi-retirement and me with my summer-holiday-with-no-job blues), lately we have been spending many warm afternoons in each other's company. I took advantage of this opportunity to snap some sneaky photos of her fantastic garden and house, which gifted me and my sister many many adventurous days during our childhood. Forget The Secret Garden (although I adore that book), this garden is the absolute business.

Features (in order of appearance):
  • The garden shed
  • Her lovely conservatory (which we often pronounce as 'con-serve-ah-twar', i.e. the misuse of the word 'conservatoire', because we are Welsh/English folk and therefore use french ironically)
  • A tree bench (minus the tree)
  • Her new front loveseat area
  • Some flowers in full bloom
  • A pretentious Roman bust (are all busts Roman? are all busts pretentious? My grandmother is neither, btw)
  • An rusty old bicycle-turned-flowerpot
  • A handcrafted birdfeeder area (that's safe from cats etc, but allows the birds to come and go freely through the mesh)
  • A pond that homes dozens of fish (years ago there was a stepping stone going across this pond, much to the delight of my younger self)

Thanks for reading,
hope everyone's having a great August so far.

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(All photos in this post belong to Danielle at Cupofloveliness)

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