Saturday, 9 August 2014

4 things to do when you have your braces removed

I have had braces for over 2 years now (they weren't meant to be on for this long!), so they are due to be removed very shortly. In my anticipation, I've been thinking about what I'd like to do when the time comes. Here are a few of them, illustrated by a handful of gifs that I really couldn't resist including.

1. Eat candyfloss (without feeling too guilty).
 Not that candyfloss is the most common of snacks, but whenever I see it I always think how much of a bad idea it would be to scoff the entirety of this sugar-rich treat with my #braceface situation. It's just nice to have the option! Actually, this applies with pretty much all food. 

Plus, no more days in agony after a 'tightening up' appointment, eating nothing but mashed potatoes. 

2. Take photos to compare with your 'before'/'during' photos (assuming you've taken some) to see how much your teeth have improved. Seeing the transformation before your eyes will prove that it was worth the tedious wait. Plus, laugh nostalgically and victoriously at the fact that you used to look like Jaws from James Bond, because that's quite an achievement.

3. Persevere with your retainer. This will make sure your fantastic new smile STAYS fantastic. Abandoning it before the recommended time period will just mean that those years you've spent with braces were more or less wasted. Don't lose all that hard work! 

When I first had my braces, I have to admit I struggled to figure out how to smile without drawing too much attention...

It didn't always go to plan...

However, whilst having braces you shouldn't be at all disheartened to grin as much as you feel like. But it's a massive relief and sense of freedom to know that you can show off your fabulous new smile to everyone once the process is completed.

Personally, I think I'll smile as often and as wide as I can  in order to ensure every one notices/compliments my new set of chompers. Even if I look on the edge of lunacy (I definitely will).

Thanks for reading.

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