Saturday, 5 July 2014

What DO I carry in my bag?

I can be extremely over-cautious when it comes to the contents of my bag - part of my 'prepare for every situation' mentality - but these days I'm more of a simple gal, especially when it comes to smaller bags where you don't really have the space to fuss.

Sometimes I read other peoples' 'What's in my bag?' features and I just think No way do you carry some of that stuff around! ...Seven shades of lip gloss?!  - so I'm personally going to be as realistic as I can for this.

Glasses / A book - I wouldn't be allowed this luxury in a small bag like the one above, but I do like to bring a book so I always have something to do if I have a little bit of time on my hands. My current fixation is Morrissey's AutobiographyPurse / Mini hand cream - gotta look after those hands! This Soap & Glory one is so velvety and smells good enough to eat (but I won't of course)  / Vaseline - I'm addicted to it / Phone and cover case - got this from Etsy recently, along with the bag / Pen - honestly don't know why I carry this, there aren't many situations when I have needed a pen on demand.

Also:  Hairclips - an absolute must for my Medusa-eque do / Earphones / Mini deodorant/body spray - not so relevant for today (rain!!), but the past few weeks have been BOILING and there's nothing wrong with a little preparation for when the sun is sweltering you! / KeysSnacks - usually these (they're delicious and taste like sweets except are 100% fruit!) or something more a bit more naughty and/or chocolatey! Some say it's bad to carry food around with you but I regret to say I disagree!

I'm sure I've forgotten something but there you go. No doubt a uni edition will be coming in Sept/Oct in preparation for my new term!

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