Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Soap & Glory makeup - worth it?

Thick & Fast mascara £5 (bogohp deal from Boots) / Kick Ass retouch powder £12 

In a nutshell:

Powder - 9/10
  • 'Translucent' so it feels light and subtly does its job as fantastic primer (or post-foundation shine controller)
  • Generously sized mirror and plenty of space for applicator pad inside case
  • Adorable packaging as expected from Soap & Glory! 

Mascara - 7/10
  • Great mascara but its voluminosity is a bit exaggerated. I think that it's good value for money at £10 RRP (even better with the Boots deal!) - though I prefer Benefit's 'They're real!', and Rimmel's 'Scandaleyes' comes close too. 
  • My experience with this mascara is that while it doesn't flake (as promised), it IS pretty messy (whether or not this is my application technique I don't know) and does have a slight tendency to clump lashes rather than define and individualise them.
  • May have better luck with Soap & Glory's 'HD' edition of this mascara? 
Overall, I would say yes, I would recommend them, especially if they're included in a special offer. They aren't phenomenal products but they're pretty great, plus I think their retro ethos is just marvellous. 

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