You must've clicked the 'About' me button by accident or something but I'll proceed anyway...

Hi, I'm Dan (Danielle) and I'm from Wales in the UK. I'm studying English Literature in uni and I'm in love with my dog who is named Ron, (yes, hello, Potter fan here) although he's ironically black and sadly not ginger at all. My favourite person ever is Morrissey, and 90% of the time you will see me desperately clutching a cup of tea. 

I created CoL in early 2014, mainly out of boredom and as a means of creating an output for my thoughts etc. The name is a (happier!) appropriation of a lyric from a Marina & the Diamonds song:

I've lost, I've lost my innocence / I've found my self-belief / and in a cup of loneliness / I've found instant relief

Thanks for reading.